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    Futures fin screw is used for all Futures fin boxes and ensures proper fit of the fins. Snug them down and feel confident that your fins are held securely. Creating a secure connection that efficiently transfers power from fins to board.- Made from a special Alloy that is more rust resistant than Stainless Steel

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    The 3 pc Voodoo features our Combo Grid to help you feel where your foot is planted on your board. Whether you're moving forward on the pad to get more drive down the line, or moving back on the pad during turns and maneuvers, the Voodoo will be your guide. • 3 Piece • 7 mm Arch Bar • Combo Grid Traction • 45 - Vert Kick • Kick Height 26mm

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    The 2 pc Wildcat is an arch-less pad with a very thin profile, providing maximum board feel. The large footprint pairs well with wider tailed boards • 2 Piece • No Arch • Gripstop Traction • 45° Kick • Kick Height 27mm

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