Longboard fin - BREWER Fiberglass Blue 7.5, FUTURES.

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Single 7.5" Available soon


The Brewer single fin collection comes from Dick Brewer's original templates from over 40 years ago. One of the best, most proven longboard gun fins in the world. Offered in 8.0" which is suited for bigger boards, and 7.5" for smaller single fin board applications. Built in solid fiberglass construction with a wide base, these single fins produce power and a sense of predictability.

"The leading edge is your bottom turn and the trailing edge is your cut back. This fin has its own perfect formula, there are no fins in the world better than these two fins. It's the finest gun fin ever made, it will never let you down" - Owl Chapman

  • Construction | Fiberglass
  • Size | 7.5"
Center Fin